[📧Results THREAD] … by @lethalcopymike

[📧Results THREAD] 👉 EMAIL IS DEAD. Ok bucko, let’s see hey? 👀 20 hours into a new campaign, new niche, new account: 8 opt ins, 137% open rate, 62% CTR. Let’s dive deeper… [1/?]

Another new campaign for a client: 1 week old. 92-freaking-% open rates…. BUT WAIT I’VE GOT MORE FOR YOU: [2/?]

Another client: OK so this one has been sending for almost a YEAR NOW. Results? 😲 85.7% open rate.. 61.9% Click through rate… This is a whole different niche, nutrition to be exact. These leads came from Facebook ads too, the rest were organic. 🔥 [3/?]

👉Alright here is something more modest: Another client running a magazine for the small business niche – leads from my city locally. They sell advertising and consulting: Open rate: 44.4% Click thru: 8.6% This 1 despite saying Nov ’17 has been sending for 18 months… [4/?]

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